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Our selection of yachts is divided into 3 portfolios: Deluxe, Luxury, and Super & Motor Yachts. Each is defined by the size and type of the yacht and on-board features and facilities. While we take care of all the details from your custom designed itinerary and private transfers on arrival and departure, to special requests, and personalising activities and experiences, all you need to do is relax, take it all in, and be amazed

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Each of our listed yachts is immaculately kept and fully staffed with captain, crew, chef, housekeeping and service members. Crews are carefully selected combining education with years of experience, a profound knowledge of the region, and their personalised and friendly service. While all combine elegance with optimum space and comfort, each boat has its own unique character and design. The Turkish wooden Gulet yachts in our deluxe and luxury portfolios embody the history and tradition of the classic Blue Cruise, and are close to our hearts as they feature an ancient design, still built and launched here in Bodrum. Alternatively, we are equally proud of our range of super yachts which exude chic and high tech, offering you more than a splash of glamour as you cruise these stunning seascapes. Whichever you choose, call her your own for an idyllic week or two of excellent food, outstanding hospitality, and luxurious relaxation on board.

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designing journeys that transcend ordinary travel.

Why not combine your land tour adventure with a week cruising the incredible turquoise blue Aegean coastlines by private yacht charter

combination holidays by land & sea

land tour adventures & private yacht charter

Our land – cruise combination concept fuses the very best of both worlds, giving you both the myriad of adventures of Turkey by land, and the timeless bliss of a private yacht cruise.

turkey by land, or by sea, or why not do both...

For guests seeking something beyond the hotel or single destination holiday experience, our itinerary design approach of mixing overland adventure exploring Turkey with the time-stopping relaxation of a private yacht charter offers you something really special.

Extended Exploration For travelers visiting Turkey from overseas, our combination land-cruise itineraries offer an extended and diverse experience that maximises your precious time away. You can incorporate multiple destinations with varied activities, different modes of travel, and accommodation styles. Dive deep into the heart of Turkey‘s historical wonders; Istanbul’s bustling streets, Cappadocia‘s surreal landscapes, Ephesus‘ ancient ruins, or Bodrum‘s laid back coastal charm. Immerse yourself in a rich tapestry of culture and experiences, and then set sail on the yacht cruise odyssey of a lifetime.

Private Yacht Charter Continue your adventure by transitioning from exciting overland exploration to the exclusivity of a yacht charter cruise; a private floating retreat that goes far beyond the usual cruise experience. Select your ideal yacht from our portfolio and we custom design an itinerary just for you. Relax into the seabound rhythm cruising the Aegean and Mediterranean from bay to bay. Indulge in fantastic cuisine on board, a fully crewed and personalized service, and throughout your trip be at one with the seascapes of this beautiful region.

Diverse Experiences Blend the thrill of adventure with moments of unparalleled luxury. From hot air balloon rides over Cappadocia’s surreal landscapes, to snorkeling to explore the underwater world of the Turkish Riviera, our journeys cater to diverse tastes. Explore ancient ruins in the morning, dive into azure waters in the afternoon, and later dine al fresco under starlit skies. Discover mouthwatering Ottoman delicacies in cosmopolitan Istanbul while overlooking the majestic Golden Horn, then find yourself transported to a feast of meze and Aegean seafood served aboard your private yacht anchored in the still waters of a secluded Aegean inlet. The choice of experiences and destinations, together with the magic of the unexpected is all yours.

Tailored Perfection We custom design your dream itinerary to cater to your group’s interests. Whether you’re looking for an immersive city discovery combined with an exploration of coastal ancient sites, or an itinerary designed to bring together Turkey’s best gourmet experiences with a private yacht cruise, our team are great communicators and work with you to curate your ideal travel experience. For all extra logistics, event organisation and special requests, our Conceirge service has the solutions.

Elevating Travel Escapes Our holidays transcend ordinary travel. These are the highlights of your life shared with your family or friends and set against the backdrop of one of the world’s most beautiful and historic regions. It’s the laughter shared on the deck of your private yacht, the awe of exploring ancient ruins, the first taste of an excotic new wine, and the sensation of warm, Mediterranean breezes—elevating and special moments creating an extraordinary chapter in your travel story.

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